Police find toddler in soiled diaper, siblings in dirty home all alone

Cyndi Vasquez // Santa Rosa Police Department mug shot

Four children were discovered all alone in a home described by Santa Rosa police as "dirty" and "unkempt".

Documents reveal how four young children, ages 11, 9, 5 and 2, lived at a home along the 200 block of Jesus T. Avila Avenue in Santa Rosa.

They detailed how a pot on the stove was full of old looking noodles.

Every room was cluttered with minimal food for the children to access, police said.

They even found a 2-year-old with special needs had a diaper full of urine.

Sunday morning around 10:30, police arrested the children's mother. Cynthia Vasquez has been charged with multiple counts related to child abandonment.

Sgt. Julian Villalobos revealed how the police department first received word of the incident.

We got a phone call from the father advising us there were four children unattended," he explained.

Christopher Vasquez is the father of the 2-year-old with special needs.

He said his son eats through a tube and needs care around-the-clock .

Christopher Vasquez said he received text messages claiming his children were being left home alone by their mom, who he is currently separated from.

Off camera, he said Cynthia Vasquez is a good mom who made a bad decision".

Police said the mother left the children home alone for about 12 hours.

Cynthia Vasquez reportedly told police she went out to get eggs, but she did not have any with her when she returned.

She may have gone to a BBQ that night, Facebook posts reportedly indicate. However, police said they are still trying to determine exactly where she may have been.

Text messages recovered from the mom TMs phone by police details the conversations the mom had with her oldest child during the hours she was allegedly gone.

The following messages were documented in a sworn affidavit filed by the Santa Rosa Police Department:

10:33 pm What time do I feed Micah?10:59 pm Love you to mom. I wish they (CPS) do not take us away from you, love you.12:29 am Wen are you coming home?1:18 am Can I go to sleep because my eyes hurt a lot mom?2:11 am Micah is awake mom.2:15 am Can I go to sleep? [Cynthia replied] If he's awake no.2:18 am [Cynthia instructs by text] "Put him to the side where he won't fall."

The text messages from the daughter reportedly continued until 7:57 am without a response, according to the affidavit.

Cynthia was charged with three counts of Abandon/Endanger Child with intent to return and one count of Abandon/Endanger child with imminent danger/bodily injury.

She was booked into the Carrizales Rucker Detention Center on the evening of Aug. 25, where she remains behind bars.

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