Police: Immigrants from morning raid plotted to overthrow smugglers

San Juan immigrant search

According to San Juan police, 106 immigrants found on Tuesday morning were plotting to overthrow their smugglers.

The San Juan Police Department and Weslaco Border Patrol discovered a stash house on Coconut Palm Avenue early Tuesday morning.

The smuggler and the caretaker were taken into custody as well.

According to authorities, the immigrants were planning to overthrow the smugglers was because they had not been fed in eight days.

They said the reason they did not go through with the plot was because the smugglers were armed and they feared for the lives of the seven juveniles inside the home.

Initially 102 immigrants were found at the home, located less than a mile away from the San Juan police station.

After searching nearby areas, authorities were able to find the other four inside another home.

San Juan police said they have seen an increase in raids since they developed their Stash House Unit a week and a half ago.

The department wants smugglers to know that it is not okay for them to use their city.