Police investigating bullying report

San Benito Police are investigating the alleged brutal beating of an IDEA College Prep student by at least five classmates.

It happened in the school cafeteria bathroom on December 5th. Action 4 News obtained the police report.

It details how the alleged victim was punched repeatedly during the attack before being knocked down and hitting his head on the wall, resulting in a swollen eye, concussion and acute headache.

The victim's mother questions why idea officials never contacted police since the school doesn't have campus police.

We don't know what's behind that, said San Benito Police Chief Martin Morales. What really happened and what is something they tried to keep quiet on.

Chief Martin Morales says when it comes to fights, there is no mandatory protocol in place as to when school administrators should contact authoritiesBut Morales says in order to protect all parties involved, police should be made aware of any altercation.

It goes for anything, said Morales. Even if a citizen sees something they should report it like fight, a burglary or fire. Now we are talking about a school. They should report everything. That's pretty important.

However IDEA School Officials tell us the alleged beating was the result of a mutual fight between the alleged victim and one other boy.

In a statement a spokesperson says they conducted their own thorough investigation and took the proper disciplinary measures.

In the meantime, San Benito police will be conducting an investigation of their own.

When it's determined who else was involved eventually contact will be made with them, said Morales.

Chief Morales says the school did take action by suspending the boys involved and not ignoring the incident.