Police: Knife wielding beer run suspect threatened store clerk

Javier Alexis Zamora // Harlingen Police Department mug shot

A man is behind bars accused of stealing Budlight beer then returning to the store and threatening the clerk with a knife.

Javier Alexis Zamora was arrested in connection to two crimes, which took place one day after another.

He is accused of stealing the beer from Pop-A-Top on the 900 block of South F Street in Harlingen.

The following day, on July 12, 2014, Harlingen police said he returned to the store with a knife and demanded money.

He was able to take $10 off the counter before he ran from the business.

However, Zamora, was seen on the 900 block of West Johnson Avenue and police were contacted.

They arrested the 26-year-old, and he was booked at the city jail in Harlingen.

Police said the knife was found and secured as evidence.

The Harlingen man TMs bond was set at $100,000 for the aggravated robbery charge, a first degree felony.

Zamora was also fined for theft and warrants.