Police looking for man who snatched business owner's wallet

63 year-old Martha Martinez owns Martha's Beauty Salon on the 20 hundred block of Griffith Parkway in Mission.

About a month ago, she got the shock of a lifetime.

A man bringing in a child to get a haircut stole her wallet.

Martinez said while the man was stealing her wallet, she was cutting the hair of the child that came with him.

"He saw the purse and then came over to the break room, opened the purse, took out the wallet and went out to the hall," said Martinez.

She said he left, came back and then paid for the child's haircut with what she believes was her own cash.

He then maxed out her business card and then charged up to $1,500 on two other cards and kept 600 dollars she had in the wallet.

She said she was going to use that money to see the doctor.

"A lot of these purchases happen very quickly before you know it," said Sergeant Jody Tittle with Mission police.

Tittle said they're investigating the case and working on getting more surveillance video from the places the suspect went on shopping sprees, but that process can take a while.

"Now you're a victim twice over not only from the original theft, but now you're going to have to clear up your financial matters and file a police report," said Tittle.

Tittle said it's a growing problem, and since many stores don't check ID's, it makes it all the easier to use stolen credit cards.

"Please investigate," said Martinez. "Store clerks should look at the ID's and make sure the face matches the ID's."

It's a plea Martinez said could help police catch suspects that have stolen credit cards.

In the meantime, she said she'll be sure to keep her purse more secure.

Mission Police are asking anyone who has information about this case or recognizes the man in the video to call their crime stoppers line at 581-8477.