Police: Man attempts to kill himself after raping a woman

Lawrence Ralph Avelar // PIPD

A man remains behind bars after he allegedly raped a woman and then tried to commit suicide.

The incident happened Saturday around 3 a.m. at an apartment complex in Port Isabel.

Police said Lawrence Ralph Avelar sexually assaulted a woman.

After the sexual assault, 33-year-old Avelar attempted to kill himself by slashing his arms and neck.

Both the victim and Avelar were rushed to different hospitals once they were found.

Once Avelar was treated for his wounds, he was released into the custody of the Port Isabel police.

It was at the police station where the 33-year-old allegedly admitted he had sexually assaulted the victim.

Avelar was charged with aggravated sexual assault.

He remains behind bars on a $100,000 bond.

Action 4 News does not identify victims of sexual assault, but the two knew each other and had a dispute.