POLICE: Man tried to sell stolen football jerseys, items on Facebook

Broderick Dewayne McDaniel // San Benito Police Department Photo

A 24-year-old man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly he tried to sell stolen football jerseys and electronics on Facebook.

San Benito police arrested 24-year-old Broderick Dewayne McDaniel, Jr. on a theft charge on Thursday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that McDaniel is accused of stealing several NFL football jerseys and electronics from a local home.

According to police, the items were valued at a total of $1,079 dollars.

The homeowners told police they saw McDaniel selling their stolen items on Facebook and confronted him.

McDaniel did not respond to the family but they told police he was packing up his belongings and leaving town.

Police officers arrested McDaniel at the San Benito Public Library.

McDaniel appeared before a San Benito Municipal Court judge where he was issued a $5,000 bond.