Police monitor homes of sex offenders on Halloween

The streets of Edinburg were filled with trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, running door to door in their neighborhoods for a night of dress-up and, of course, candy.

But Edinburg Police were also keeping a watchful eye out, making sure no child will show up on a dangerous doorstep.

"We feel that just because those people are not on probation or parole, they are still a danger to our children, said Chief of Edinburg Police Rolando Castaeda.Since they have offended once, what's to keep them from doing it again?"

Chief Castaeda is referring to sex offenders that live in the city limits of Edinburg.

If offenders are on probation or parole, they are required to report directly to their probation officers on Halloween night.

However, those who are not on probation are allowed to stay in their homes.

But that doesn't mean they won't be watched.

The offenders have been notified by police and other media outlets to turn their lights off and have a sign outside that visibly says "no candy," warning parents and children to stay away from any potential danger.

"Of the majority of the offenders we have, they have to register once a year, said Chief Castaeda. We do have offenders that have to register every six months."

Action 4 News got the opportunity to follow Investigator Javier De La Garza as he visited seven different houses of previous sex offenders, making sure they were abiding by the new ordinance.

If any offender does not comply to the rules, they are subject to citations or even arrests.

One home we visited did not answer their door, and also did not have a sign placed outside their door.

"They are not here, the light is off, so they might be susceptible to getting some sort of citation," said Investigator De La Garza.

Police say these visits are all in an effort to keep children safe.

Investigator De La Garza and others in the Edinburg Police Department monitored the homes from dusk to midnight.