Police: No charges for men who gave synthetic marijuana to teen

"I've heard about it," Mary Flores said. "I heard that it's around but not so close here to the Valley."

Flores is talking about synthetic marijuana.

Her 14 year-old niece had a near-death experience last Monday after trying it for the first time.

"Since it was her first time the doctor did state that it was something that her body wasn't used to so it reacted really violently towards it," Flores said.

The drug mimics the effects of regular marijuana but is man-made.

Flores believes her niece had severe side effects from the drug because she has one kidney and a heart condition.

"We've always warned her that this is very dangerous for her even if she tries just on cigarette or any kind of drug," she said.

Her experimenting landed her in the emergency room fighting for her life.

Flores said two adult men gave her niece the drug and wants them held responsible.

Her family filed a police report with McAllen Police but no one was charged.

"When the supervisor told my sister that there is nothing that they can do because she was a willing participant I understand that part, but the part where a 19 or 20 year old gives a 14 year-old a drug to smoke I don't see the legal part in it," Flores said.

Synthetic marijuana has different effects on people.

Some only experience a high while others have had major health complications including blindness and brain damage.

Prosecution of the manufacturers, sellers and buyers has been difficult.

"I'm sure there is something that they can at least charge them, they can't just tell us there is nothing," Flores said.

Until stricter laws are passed, Flores said every parent should have a serious conversation with their teens.

"Talk to them, tell them synthetic marijuana is out here in the Valley and it's very dangerous," Flores said.

The teen is out of the hospital but still recovering.