Police officers receive chase training

High speed pursuits are becoming a common scene in towns along the border, as law enforcement tries to keep drugs and illegal immigrants off the streets. But with smugglers using new and inventive ways to out run those officers it can be tough to keep the situation under control.

"They know we're responsible for that vehicle, said Julian Gutierrez. They figure if they leave it running we won't follow them, we have the safety of the people first."

Pursuits do not happen in a straight line and there are many obstacles officers face when out on the road.

Learning how to deal with those obstacles is a major part of officer training.

Twists, turns, skidding out of control is all part of training for San Juan police.

Most of their driving is done in the city, so there are plenty of obstacles standing in their way.

They have to be ready to react, to avoid accidents if something was to come in front of the units," said San Juan police officer Jesus Ramirez.

One technique they learn is how to hold the wheel and keep control during a sharp turn.

"If something comes in front of the unit we need to do a crossover, said Ramirez. As soon as we avoid the obstacle we need to bring the car back on holding onto the steering wheel we have control of the vehicle."