Police: Report domestic violence before it turns deadly

Husband stabs wife 24 times in San Juan

San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez wants to raise awareness on domestic violence after a woman nearly dies over the weekend after her husband stabbed her 24 times.

The incident happened early Saturday morning, the man then turned the kitchen knife on himself and repeatedly stabbed himself in the neck.

The incident unfolded as the couple is in the final stages of a divorce.

That TMs the most vulnerable time, when the separation is happening, Gonzalez said.

When police arrived, the husband was found hiding underneath the house and told officer to kill him.

Officers are trained to handle these types of cases.

The officer was able to subdue him by using a taser, he said.

A family member told Action 4 the couple has a history of domestic violence, a reason the victim filed for divorce.

And although she was attempting to end the relationship, Gonzalez recommends all victims of domestic violence have a safety plan.

-Know how to get out of your home quickly-Remove weapons from your home-Tell someone about the abuse

In this case a neighbor heard the woman screaming and saved her life by scaring the husband away with a machete.

"Domestic violence has never been an isolated incident, it TMs going to continue and continue and each time its going to get worse," Gonzalez said.

Cases of domestic violence in Texas are on the rise.

Dr. Rebecca Farrell with the Family Crisis Center in Harlingen said that TMs why it is important for people who are aware of it should report it. In cases where the victim doesn TMt report it, there is very little that can be done unless a bystander intervenes and helps, she said.

Many victims choose to stay in abusive relationships.

Dr. Farrell said it TMs important for those people to know when they are ready to leave, there are people that will help you.

Both the victim and the suspect are listed in serious condition.

They are currently at separate hospitals under the supervision of police.

Family Crisis Center 24-hour hotline: 1-866-423-9304