Police: Reporting sexual assaults is crucial

David Gonzalez // Weslaco PD

Authorities arrested David Gonzalez Friday, and officially charged him with sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl after she came forward days after the alleged incident.

Police add that having that crucial evidence also helps the investigation, making it easier to catch the suspects.

The case stems from a little over a week ago; they believe Gonzalez began to inappropriately touch the teenage girl while she and her sister were asleep.

Investigators add that Gonzalez began to forcefully massage the victim after she had woken up.

The victim claimed Gonzalez began touching her inappropriately and forced her to fondle him. Weslaco police said the underage girl asked him to stop, but said Gonzalez refused. Authorities said that the teenage girl cried out to her mother just days after the alleged incident.

Reporting the incident helped with the investigation.

Authorities believe this was a one-time incident.

They urge parents to have an open line of communication with their children so they know to report if something similar happens to them.