Police searching for 'erratic' driver who hit Edinburg mobile home

Police are looking for a suspect who lost control of his pick-up and struck a mobile home in Edinburg.

Officers said the suspect led them on a chase that started around 6 a.m. on Thursday.

The chase ended on Hunker and Depot Road.

The suspect was driving so erratically, that police had to call off the chase for security reasons.

Officers said at some point, the truck crashed into a vacant mobile home.

I just heard a crash this morning a loud bang, said a neighbor. I waited a few minutes before I came outside. When I did step out, I saw the lights flashing in this direction. I didn TMt know if it was smoke or dust.

Police said the suspect fled the scene.

They searched the vehicle and found blood, which leads them to believe the person is most likely injured.

They also found a gun in the truck.