Police see trend in make, model of stolen vehicles


The latest vehicle theft trend hitting the Valley has led to larger model trucks being stolen.

Police said the trucks are being linked to human trafficking and huge drug shipments.

They come in all colors blue, white and red.

They are lookers to the average buyer and eye candy for criminals.

"Lately the Harlingen Police Department has noticed a possible trend of F-250 and F-350 ford trucks being stolen from the Valley," Sgt. David Osborne said.

Sgt. David Osborne with the Harlingen Police Department said Fords have become the new favorite for thieves.

The big pick-ups known for their horse power and heavy duty towing are now being stripped down of their luxuries to fit criminal necessities.

"Thieves are actually stripping out the backseats and the front passenger seat leaving only the front driver seat intact and they are packing them with narcotics or illegal aliens," Sgt. David Osborne said.

Intelligence reports obtained by Harlingen police show thieves heading north with the stolen vehicles.

This month they've seen three of the bigger heavy duty trucks stolen stripped and left by the checkpoint near Falfurrias.

Osborne warns the public to be aware and stay vigilant, giving the public a valuable lesson on how to keep the thieves from taking what is not theirs.

"Whoever may have an F-250 or F-350 Ford truck, make sure to keep it locked make sure that the alarm is activated on it and just kind of be careful where you park because they are being looked at by thieves," Sgt. David Osborne said.

The good thing is that Harlingen police were able to recover the stolen trucks.

Although everyone may not be as lucky, Osborne warns the public to stay vigilant.

He reminds the community the crime is not only happening in Harlingen, it TMs happening all over the Valley.