Police: Teen drug smugglers recruited by classmates

La Joya drug chase ends with wreck

Two teens are facing criminal charges after authorities found 200 pounds of marijuana inside their car after it crashed into a school bus.

La Joya police said the two high school students were trying to make a quick buck by smuggling the drug load.

The teens told investigators that they were recruited by classmates.

Officers said the two led police on a high speed chase along U.S. Highway 83 after an officer tried to pull them over for a traffic violation.

The chased ended when their car crashed into a school bus.

The two teens were pinned inside their Nissan Altima prompting rescuers to use the Jaws Of Life to pry them out.

No children aboard the school bus at the time of the accident while the driver was taken to the hospital but is doing fine.

La Joya Police Chief Julian Gutierrez said the incident is troubling because his department is seeing an increase in teens smuggling drugs.

He says more should be done to educate teens about the consequences of smuggling.

One of the teens is still in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries while the other is in police custody.

They are both facing felony possession of marijuana and evading arrest charges.