Police try passing synthetic drug ordinance for second time

Synthetic drugs are said to be worse than regular drugs.

Many synthetic drugs were made illegal back in 2011, but only those that contained a certain compound remain illegal today.

Over the weekend, San Juan police confiscated over 700 packets of bath salts and Kush---synthetic drugs that are becoming more popular in the RGV.

"Synthetic drugs are worse than the regular drugs, said Chief Juan Gonzalez. They're more accessible and they're more cheap. The thing is they're more harmful."

Last year one teen died and five others overdosed on synthetic drugs in San Juan.

"We had five near misses this past year, said Gonzalez. My goal as a police chief is to push forward and create a city ordinance that will prohibit any commercial business to possess, sell, or use it."

Chief Gonzalez attempted to pass the same ordinance in an effort to ban these types of drugs from their city, but it never really took off.

"We have to run it through legal review, Gonzalez explained. We didn't know that it would be as accessible as it is now.

This drug bust that we made clearly tells me that's it's in this area and it's more massive and prevalent than it used to be."

One death is too many, Gonzalez said. This time around he will push until he cannot push anymore"to make sure no other person falls victim to these highly addictive drugs.