Police: Woman attacks father with beer bottle leaving blood behind

Joanna Rivera // San Benito Police Department

A woman is jailed after being accused of assaulting her own father with a beer bottle, and police said the woman is no stranger to the law.

San Benito police said a night of drinking with family members ended in violence.

A 44-year-old man was left bloody after he was struck with a beer bottle by his own 22-year-old daughter, police said.

Joanna Rivera is jailed on charges of aggravated assault with a weapon.

Investigators said officers were on their way to the home on Yost Street when they spotted Rivera walking down the street.

She had blood on her clothes, but allegedly lied to officer about where it came from. They took her back to the home where they learned a fight had just happened.

She pretty much chased the dad inside the house and confronted him about an ongoing dispute between family members. During the process, like I said, Ms. Rivera hit her dad with the bottle," Detective Rogelio Banda with the San Benito Police Department said.

Police said the victim was also drunk and refused medical attention.

However he did want to press charges. Detective Rogelio Banda said the 22-year-old has a lengthy criminal record that includes assault on a public servant and resisting arrest.

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