Police work to keep graffiti off property and out of city

Investigator Carlos Ramos

The writing is one the wall, fence, and businesses.

Anywhere it can be noticed by the public---people are tagging property throughout the City of San Juan.

Investigator Carlos Ramos said the ~tagging TM can quickly lead to violence.

"They're pretty much announcing that this is their territory and if a rival gang comes and marks it down you are disrespecting them and asking for a fight."

But for others, who simply want their artistic ability seen, it can come at a higher price.

That depends how far a person is willing to go.

"A couple of months ago we had some guys arrested. They were found on top of one of our water towers. One of them actually got injured---you're going to climb without a harness or ladder--you're risking your life."

Ramos said while the department still relies on the old ~look and see TM|

Social media has started to play a bigger role in how they locate where the tagging ~hot spots TM are and who is doing it.

"We have been looking at that---as far as social media is concerned."

To report graffiti in your area simply call San Juan Police at 283-8477.

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