Politics and religion collide in McAllen

A powerful sermon shocking the public -- after pastor Ron Smith's words are heard across the Rio Grande Valley on a local radio station.

''We are at war," Pastor Smith said in a recent sermon. Pastor Smith preaches every week to a congregation at Church of the King on Ware Road in McAllen; he says his recent broadcast shouldn't come as a surprise.

"Some people would say that's hateful -- and the reason I said that is because love compels me," Smith said. Pastor Smith is a member of the McAllen Tea Party and allows the group to use his church to meet... but he told Action 4 News he does not turn anyone away based on their political views -- but makes his known to whoever is listening.

"I said those things because of what I believe and I wonder if what I believe is not tolerated anymore." He is one of more than a thousand pastors nationwide who openly include politics in their sermons -- and he says he will go to any lengths to discourage his followers from voting for Barack Obama in November.

Too many pastors are intimidated and they think their tax exempt status will be taken away -- others don't do it for other reasons, they fear they will lose their members of their career, has anything like that come about here in the church since this ad aired, no people come here because of what I preach -- people come here because of those radio spots." Those spots express the pastor's beliefs, but what about the belief's of the church?

"God commands all men everywhere to repent and acknowledge the crown rights of Jesus Christ to run the government.Marcy: So is that saying Romney can do it then?"Smith: No, no that's saying that he should... and even if Romney gets elected our battle is not over." Pastor Smith says the current government under president Barack Obama goes against everything holy."They tolerate abortion, they tolerate gay marriage they tolerate stealing from some to give to others, god hates that." Hate is a word this pastor uses a lot -- but says it is only intended to offend those who plan to re-elect our current president. "To people who love Obama that's going to sound like hate, when god says the sinners will go to the lake of fire that sounds to them like hate."