Poncho's in Pharr becomes 3-time low performer on Food 4 Thought

More than a hundred pounds of food, believed to be contaminated, has been destroyed at two kitchens during health inspections.

Poncho TMs on 808 North Cage Boulevard in Pharr is one of them.

The restaurant is once again a low performer on Food 4 Thought.

It scored 29 demerits on a health report.

A kitchen cop condemned 30 pounds of fajita and 20 pounds of beans for a cross-contamination violation.

Management told the Food Patrol that water from a refrigerator dripped onto the cooked foods.

The inspector said that food was uncovered in the fridge.

Poncho TMs has been a low performer on Food 4 Thought in each of the last three years.

A Stripes convenience store also destroyed food products.

The kitchen at 1837 North Stuart Place Road scored 21 demerits.

A disposition of detained product report obtained by the Food Patrol, showed nearly $500 worth of food voluntarily destroyed.

The list included 8lbs of salsa, half a gallon of BBQ sauce, 4lbs of cooked chicken and 5lbs of enchilada sauce, just to name of few.

Management told the Food Patrol that a faulty refrigerator, in the process of being replaced, was to blame.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

PharrPoncho TMs 808 N Cage (29, 11) *Cross Contamination of Food, Fajita/Beans Destroyed*

HarlingenStripes 1837 N Stuart Place Road (21) *Off Temp. Foods, $500 Worth of Food Destroyed*

BrownsvilleTaquito Express 1900 N Exp 77 (28) *Dead Roaches in Storage, No Glove Use*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

PalmviewChurch TMs Chicken 1117 Veteran TMs Blvd

PharrRed Robin 409 S JacksonDona Blanquita 6422 S CageBurger King 101 W Nolana

SPIKFC 3201 Padre Blvd

EdinburgMcDonald TMs 2120 W University

HarlingenChina Restaurant 1506 S 77Mr Gatti TMs 1208 Exp 77Whataburger 1522 E Harrison

AlamoPeter Piper Pizza 1042 Exp 83

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