Port Isabel Man claims police are targeting him for doing a good deed

Luis Marin and his family

The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions for Luis Marin and his family.

He told Action 4 News he went from being hailed a hero to being labeled ~a person of interest. TM

"They showed me the video and the cop kept telling me, 'that's you with the box, Marin explained. He kept saying, 'just say it's you. Tell the truth."

Marin said his day started out normal enough. He took his kids to the doctor"but that is where ~normal TM ended and chaos erupted.

"I went outside to smoke and they told me I couldn't smoke so close to the door. So I moved closer to the newspaper box and that TMs when I looked down and saw the said TNT."

The Brownsville bomb squad was called in to inspect the package. It ultimately turned out to be nothing.

But now, Marin claims, Port Isabel police are threatening to arrest him and take his children away---for something he said he did not do.

"Because I reported it the cop told me I was suspect #1."

Action 4 News contacted Port Isabel Police Chief Wally Gonzalez. He said he cannot comment on the specifics of the case"but said it is an ongoing investigation and they are talk to several persons of interest.

As for Luis"this whole ordeal has shaken up his faith in law enforcement. And has him questioning if he did the right thing by alerting them about the package.

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