Port Mansfield takes financial hit from Don

The Port Mansfield fishing tournament lacks a crucial element this year.

The tournament's offshore fishing division was cancelled.

Tropical Storm Don is expected to create conditions too dangerous for offshore fishermen.

"They spend money for fuel, they spend money for meals, they spend rent for houses and motels," said tournament director Bob Lany.

Without offshore fishermen, Lany said the city of Port Mansfield will navigate rough waters.

"Port Mansfield relies in the summer months of the tourists, said Lany. We don't have very many people living here, so we need to have that influx of money coming in."

Lany said he expects the tournament to lose $20,000 this year.

"We'll probably lose 50-percent of what we thought we were going to make, said Lany.

The tournament won't be Tropical Storm Don's only victim. Sybil Simmons rents homes to visiting fishermen.

"We probably had about 20-percent cancel because of the storm warning and everything," said Simmons. Simmons said even with bay fishermen staying put her paycheck will take a cut.

A tremendous chunk, said Simmons.

It's that chunk the city may only recover with another fishing tournament.

People in Port Mansfield only hope Mother Nature will allow its success.