Possible case of West Nile in Weslaco teen

Testing on a Weslaco teen now shows he could have the West Nile Virus.

One more test has to be completed before that confirmation can be made.

According to state health officials, the test conducted on the teen is called West Nile IDG, which is a simply a screening tool.

They say the real test in the RNA has been done, but it takes a week or two before the results come back.

Action 4 News spoke to Dr. Hector Amaya who said his 18-year-old patient experienced all of the signs.

Body aches, fever and swollen glands.

He says both the health department and the Center of Disease Control have been notified of the possible case.

Until the final results are in, Hidalgo County Health Department Director Eddie Olivarez said people need to continue using precaution.

He said if you're outside, use Deet, wear long sleeves and try to avoid being outdoors between dusk and dawn.

Action 4 News will continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest information as it becomes available.

The only cases of confirmed West Nile in Hidalgo County have been found in horses.