Possible closure of McAllen mail processing facility spurs action

United States Postal workers, here in the Rio Grande Valley, said they will not go down without fight.

This after word that the McAllen Mail Processing Plant might be consolidated and jobs moved to Corpus Christi.

Everybody is going to be affected, Anna Trevino said. It won TMt just be us---it will be everyone.

Trevino said the proposal has spurred a movement, by postal workers, to keep the facility right where it is, in McAllen.

I know everyone has to do cuts, Trevino started. But maybe we can find a way to settle so we can stay here.

Trevino is not alone in this fight.

Dozens of other postal workers have joined in and said they will go door-to-door to get the word out.

I TMm going to try and go to small businesses first and then around my neighborhood, Diana Gutierrez said. I will do whatever it takes to get people to sign the petition.

McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez said the loss of 140 jobs does not just affect those who lost their job---but everyone around them and then eventually the economy takes a hit.

He said, small or not those 140 jobs are vital to the Valley.

We TMre an economy that needs every job, Cortez started. Every job is important.

He added, the Valley is one of the fastest growing regions in Texas and he does not understand why the Corpus facility cannot move their operations to the RGV.

For far too long we continue to be the region that gets taken apart by both Washington and Austin and it TMs time to stop this, Cortez said.

U.S. POSTAL SERVICE STATEMENT FOLLOWS: "We want to stress that no decision to consolidate the McAllen Mail Processing Plant has been made at this time. Before any final decision is made, we will conduct a public meeting to allow the public an opportunity to ask questions and provide input that will be included in the study." WITH REGARDS TO POSSIBLE LOSS OF JOBS TO COMMUNITY: "These are challenging times for the Postal Service and its employees as we work to make the necessary changes to our business model that will provide mail service for the nation for many decades to come, and in so doing, will also employ future generations of Americans for many decades to come ."