Possible drug cartel connection to Brownsville drive by shooting

Top Left (Alberto Perez); Top Right: Mauro Alanis; Bottom Left: Cristobal De La Cruz; Bottom Right: Rudy Orlando Hinojosa

Court records show that an early Monday morning drive by shooting in Brownsville may have connections to two rival drug cartels.

Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department deputies arrested Cristobal De La Cruz, Rudy Hinojosa and Alberto Perez on Monday.

The three men are all facing deadly conduct and public intoxication charges.

Deputies also arrested the alleged victim Mauro Alanis on deadly conduct and felon in possession of a firearm charges.

Cartel Connection

Court records show that De La Cruz was drinking with Alanis at Alanis TM home off Tapachula Drive.

De La Cruz allegedly told Alanis that he worked for the Zetas drug cartel.

Records show De La Cruz also accused Alanis of working for the Gulf Cartel and being an informant for the Cameron County District Attorney TMs Office.

Alanis allegedly got upset and asked De La Cruz to leave.

The two men got in a fight where Alanis was able to hit De La Cruz first.

Drive By Shooting

De La Cruz allegedly got mad and told Alanis that, I TMll be back.

Alanis continued to drink outside when De La Cruz returned in a vehicle with Hinojosa and Perez.

De La Cruz allegedly yelled Mauro and opened fire.

Alanis fired nine rounds and watched as De La Cruz hit his vehicle on the curb.

Court records show that Alanis went back inside to get more ammunition but De La Cruz was gone when he came back.

Deputies were able to track down and arrest De La Cruz and the two others.

Court Cases

It's not clear if De La Cruz's claims are true or not but the case remains under investigation.

Court records show that the alleged victim Alanis was in the middle of serving an 8-year probation term at the time of his arrest.

The records show that Alanis was convicted of a felony possession of marijuana case from Kleberg County back in 2009.

All four men remained in custody at the Cameron County Jail as of Monday afternoon.