Pot brownie bust at La Feria High School leads to upgraded charges

Pot brownie bust at La Feria High School

The drug bust goes down even before the first bell.

La Feria police arrest a 16-year-old student Monday morning with a backpack full of individually wrapped brownies.

Chief Don Garcia says they're not the kind grandma makes.

"They're laced with some type of drug," he said.

The brownies are field tested at the police department.

What's one of the ingredients?

"It has come up positive for marijuana," the chief said.

Despite having no prior criminal history, the student in question is getting the book thrown at him because he's caught a drug-free school zone.

The police chief says the charge has been upgraded to a third degree felony and that doesn't include what kind of punishment he faces in the La Feria Independent School District.

"Anything ranging from expulsion to D.A.P. (disciplinary alternative program) to suspension and so forth," Superintendent Rey Villarreal Jr. said.

He adds how campus safety is a top priority.

The pot brownies put students directly at risk, according to the new superintendent.

"You never know what could be in some of those substances or whatever they may be," Villarreal said. "You just don't know what you're getting."

High school administrators initially cracked the case.

Tips play a big role with keeping drugs out of school.

"They conducted their investigation very quickly, very efficiently and certainly involved the police very quickly as well," the superintendent added.

Chief Garcia believes the evidence proves the juvenile has been selling the baked goods for some time.

It's unclear how much they sold for or how many students may have ingested them if any.

What is known is that this brownie recipe calls for jail time.

The student in question was sent to the juvenile detention center.

His fate with the district still hasn't been determined.

Students are urged to call in tips anonymously or speak with a teacher.

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