Potentially dangerous fumes make residents sick

Tire Recycling and Processing located in Harlingen

Fumes blowing across Grimes Road in Harlingen and flowing into nearby neighborhoods caused several hours of chaos Monday night.

"Our fire department starting receiving calls from citizens about what smelled like gas fumes in the area."

Dave Ralph with the city of Harlingen says a group of people at nearby soccer complex evacuated because of strong fumes coming from Tire, Recycling and Processing Plant.

Three people living nearby experienced watery eyes, irritated throats and nausea.

One person went to emergency room.

"That's our main concern is safety and well being of citizens and we're working to try to resolve this problem."

City leaders say the company is now under the microscope to make sure they are in compliance with state regulations and that the pesky fumes are not hazardous to Harlingen residents.

"Now that there are possible environmental consequences and heatlh consequences we want to make sure the city and county and state are working with that company to resolve this issue as quickly as possible."

They've drafted a letter to state and county leaders to come together to protect the people without putting anyone out of business.

"We have to examine what the permit factors are in terms of the facility operating, inspections and enforcement."