Pothole Patrol - Cameron County residents want permanent pothole solution

Residents in a quiet neighborhood right outside the San Benito city limits are making noise about their street conditions.

"The county hasn't done anything."

"Julie" has lived here since 1992 and has to watch as year after year the only repairs the street gets are temporary and usually gone when the weather changes.

"County workers came over and put what looks like dirt in the holes, but with the traffic here, they'll be open in no time."

She's driven through potholes up and down Jim Bowie Street and every damaged tire fires her up enough to call on Cameron County officials to do something, but their response is always the same.

"They just say they don't have the funds to repave.

She's hoping the Pothole Patrol can help out.

"I decided to call Marcy."

The newest potholes were patched up just days before our arrival, but the street remains a mess.

Walking is nearly impossible, and drivers have to go slow or suffer the bumpy wrath because even though the holes are not visible, the Pothole Pumps prove there are still areas of the road that sink 2 to 3 inches.

The people who live here say streets all around them are paved so why isn't Jim Bowie on the county's list.

They say the county is taking a step in the right direction keeping the holes filled, but they want more steps to be taken to completely correct the problem.

Cameron County Commissioner Dan Sanchez says funds for streets in his precinct are scarce and right now he's focused on finishing off projects that were started by the previous commissioner.

Still, he tells Action 4 News that he will personally visit Jim Bowie Street to see what can be done in the future.

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