Pothole Patrol - Cul-de-sac marred by potholes

If you live down a cul-de-sac where everyone knows one another, it would be easy to find kids playing out in the street which is basically closed off to heavy traffic and only suitable for slow moving cars coming home.

For Francisco Puentes, he doesn't spend much time on his quiet street and drivers aren't to blame.

Francisco says, "You try to play on the scooter, but it's too bumpy and sometimes you flip over and get cuts." Francisco has to safely maneuver over mounds of old asphalt piled layer over layer after potholes continue to reappear on Ruby Circle. The street sits behind Brownsville's airport and although the area is heavily populated, the residents on this street say most of these families have lived here for more than 20 years and have had to deal with the potholes for just as long since they claim nobody listens.

Amparo Martinez says, "They've never paid attention to us." These holes need immediate attention and that's why the Pothole Patrol has brought out the powerful purple pumps to measure the monsters sitting right outside several driveways. Five inches deep and some measuring more than six feet across, these potholes have seen their last days. We took Francisco TMs complaints to the City of Brownsville Public Works supervisor.

Francisco says, "I want to see a new street covered so I can go on the scooter."

Brownsville Public Works informs the Pothole Patrol that they have plans to repave the road within the next month, but are now looking at bumping that up to possibly next week. Great news for the Pothole Patrol and more importantly for the kids who get to enjoy the perks of living down a street where drivers know to slow down for little ones just trying to have a good time before their summer break is over.