Pothole Patrol - Getting Results On Ciro Cacares

Her pride for the Edcouch-Elsa Yellowjackets is no secret with black and yellow running through her veins and splashed all over Rachel Cerda's car. "My son goes to the high school and my daughter attends the middle school." Rachel is not proud of one of the busiest streets in Elsa which runs next to a middle school and the Yellowjacket Stadium, that's why she contacted the Pothole Patrol on Facebook. "I contacted Marcy Martinez." Rachel has dealt with potholes on Ciro Cacares for as long as she could remember and when they finally damaged her new rims she said no more. "It's $300 each rim and the potholes messed up two of them." The Pothole Patrol measured the Ciro Caceres holes at 4 to 5 inches deep a few weeks ago. Days after our report aired, the holes were filled, just in time for Rachel to drive on over to the school to get her kids registered for fall. "I really appreciate what you did. It's taken so long for anyone to even fill the holes." The filled holes are a welcome sight for drivers who don't have to swerve into oncoming traffic to save their tires, but they're only a temporary relief for the sting of losing money on a problem, Rachel says, the city should be taking care of. "I hope they fix the entire road. They did half of it so why not fix the other half?"
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