Pothole Patrol - 'Holiday Pothole Pumps' get results in Brownsville

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All it took were two 5-inch heels and the persistence of a Brownsville churchgoer to get something done about a pesky pothole that motorists created on a fairly new road.

Phil Gerety is an active member of the Portway Baptist Church on Minnesota and Coffeeport in Brownsville.

There are many good times here except for a holy matter he's afraid may take more than divine intervention to fix.

"Well we have quite a pothole here on Coffeeport", says Gerety.

The faithful Baptist is putting it nicely. The hole is a monster destroying anything that crosses it's path.

"As you can see by the size of the hole, a lot of people have been in it, chuckles Gerety.

Clear indentions around the top of the hole show just how hard car rims have slammed into this crater.

In an effort to look out for his fellow churchgoers and all motorists who travel here, Phil called on the Pothole Patrol.

In the spirit of the season, we brought out the pumps with the most sparkle and shimmer we've seen all year.

Don't let the dazzle of the Holiday Pumps fool you, these babies are 5 inches tall.

The Pothole Patrol asks Phil, "How deep would you say it is? His response, a foot.

Well that might be a problem if you're wearing sandals like Phil, but the Pothole Patrol has the power of the pumps in our corner.

Although this pothole measures nearly double the height of the heels, it won't get the best of us.

"The Pothole Patrol is doing a good job at what they're doing as long as we can keep advising and look and see what's happening to the streets," Phil said.

Who knew Phil's Christmas miracle would come in the form of a pair of shoes with enough sparkle to get the attention of Brownsville city leaders.

The Pothole Patrol notified the public works department and they say the cause of the hole is motorists using the side of the road as a turning lane.

They refilled the hole and will repave that small section later this week.

To leave your pothole or street concerns directly with the Brownsville Public Works Department head to their website at

Click on the public works page and fill out the service request form.

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