Pothole Patrol - Houston Street in Port Isabel needs work

It's a small city with a large amount of traffic coming in and out during peak seasons because of its proximity to South Padre Island.

Although many of the streets in Port Isabel are in tip top shape, the little city does have a little problem with potholes on a few roads.

That's why the Pothole Patrol has been called out to East Houston Street off Longoria Street and just a few feet away from the Laguna Madre.

Clearly the pothole pumps are not stepping into 5 or 6 inch deep holes, but they are walking over large patches where asphalt is missing, revealing the situation this street has apparently been in before.

The Pothole Patrol did make an effort to tour streets all around Port Isabel and we discovered many of the streets are very well maintained which makes people like Shirley Polich happy to come back and visit each year.

Shirley said, This is our 15th year and we come to the island every year because we love being where it's not winter."

Aside from the Houston Street craters and a few other damaged roads, Shirley believes the city is doing their job.

"I think overall they do a terrific job. They have very few potholes. We have very bad weather in terms of hurricanes and they try really hard to keep things in good shape."

We found public works crews out surveying streets and, according to the city, they had been filling and re-patching eroded areas, but the freeze delayed the project.

They assure the Pothole Patrol that Houston Street is on their radar as well.

They have Shirley's full support.

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