Pothole Patrol - Las Palmas Subdivision, 3 years in the making

It's a Pothole Patrol trip down memory lane.

We walked the Las Palmas Subdivision in Harlingen in May of 2008 and then again in January of 2009 after residents felt county leaders were ignoring they're calls for immediate action concerning pothole plagued streets.

Ricardo Salas says, No one enters here. We're forgotten, all of us forgotten."

Juan Araguz says, "These potholes are getting ridiculous!" Here we are August of 2010.

New shoes, new streets. Cameron County Commissioner David Garza says the subdivision tucked behind Gutierrez Middle School got a full makeover with help from TXDOT's Border Colonia Access Program. Funds were used to repave each and every street in the Las Palmas subdivision as well as the streets leading into the area. No more mangled patchwork of old and new potholes.

Salas told us in 2009, "These streets have been like this for years. They abandoned us here. We need new streets." Salas and the rest of his neighbors got exactly what they wished for after calling on the Pothole Patrol when residents here claimed no one else was listening. Commissioner Garza's office says the project took several years to complete because of the lack of funds, but now the streets that were avoided even by children riding their bikes, are perfect for vehicles and any other mode of transportation. Juan Araguz told us in 2008 that county leaders only showed up when they needed something.

"When voting time comes around, I want your vote, that's the last time we see them. When we need work done in the community, potholes, streets, they forget we exist." Not anymore.