Pothole Patrol - Lasara streets getting repaved

Sylvia Mendoza and her family called on the Pothole Patrol last August after they said their county leaders were not working from them.

They were complaining about potholes on Pablo Contreras St. and 3rd St. in Lasara.

The potholes were some of the worst the Pothole Patrol had seen.

Hole after hole in the middle of the roads and all deeper than the 5 inch pumps I was wearing that day.

We took the complaints to Willacy County Commissioner Beto Guerra who said he would send out engineers to survey the area with intentions to re-pave.

Well, the time has come.

The Pothole Patrol returned to 3rd St. and found the road completely torn up with tractors dumping new asphalt down.

We also found a much happier Sylvia.

"I'm very happy because it's going to help us with our cars and everything else," said Sylvia.

County crews are resurfacing the entire road after the Pothole Patrol stepped in to help out.

It might be dusty and the street completely gutted right now, but dealing with this for the next few weeks is so much better than what those people have had to deal with for the last several years.

"It's been a long time," said Sylvia.

It's great news for Lasara, but the county's work on the streets is nowhere near done.

There are several other streets in the city that need resurfacing as well like 8th street which has holes deeper than the 5 inch Pothole Pumps we wore this time around.

Sylvia won't let the state of the other streets sour her excitement, but hopes the county will do just as much for the rest of her community as they've done for her.

"We need something like this all the time and I hope they can continue finding grants for things we need here."

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