Pothole Patrol - More problems on Westgate Drive in Weslaco

A few months ago, Tanya Ennis called on the Pothole Patrol to fix one pothole north of Weslaco which ended up costing her $2,000.

"I hit it, blew two tires, and cracked two rims. I ended up stranded out here for two hours, waiting for someone to bring me tires so I could get home," said Ennis in July of last year.

The county blamed the problem on the irrigation district, but after the Pothole Patrol sunk the pumps into the matter, it got the attention it deserved.

Now the hole is covered up, saving drivers a lot of pain.

Aside from that hole, the rest of that portion of Westgate looks pretty good, but just south of there, it's a different story.

"It looks good on this side (of Westgate), but what about the other side? What about where we live, in the back?

The corner of Westgate and Mile 6 is atrocious.

Potholes form, then get filled, then form again leaving massive indentions in the middle of a four way intersection right next to a school and fairly new subdivision.

Jose has to take this route to get to and from home and is sick of it.

"I drive through here every day," said Trevino.

If the bumpy ride doesn't get you heated, the possibility of getting hit by another car trying to avoid the holes will have any driver seeing red.

"Sometimes we have problems with the cars, we almost hit each other," said Trevino.

With so much traffic and very little room to maneuver, the Pothole Patrol is safer on the sidelines and won't be using the pumps to measure these bad boys.

Even from a short distance, it's clear this portion of Westgate needs major resurfacing instead of the little maintenance it's been getting over the years.

"They put something on it and that's it. They forget about us for years," said Trevino.

We called the Weslaco City Manager TMs office to let the city know about the issues on Westgate, but did not get a call back.

Don TMt worry; the Pothole Patrol will continue to push to get that portion of Westgate fixed.

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