Pothole Patrol - Pothole troubles on Thomas Road in Pharr

Luis Carlos Barcenas has seen many a tires get ruined here Thomas Road in south Pharr.

Since he lives just a few blocks away, he has to travel through the narrow street every day and has seen it at its worst.

"When it rains you can see all the water coming into the houses," said Barcenas.

Once it dries out, the deformed street is exposed with battle scars from potholes that have been there longer than some of the residents.

"It's been like more than 12 years that the street has been like this."

Six inch Pothole Pumps easily get swallowed by holes on the side of the road and couldn't make it safely onto the road itself because of traffic and the street is so unleveled that tripping and falling was a definite possibility.

"It's dangerous.

The potholes have left craters on the sides of the road which is dangerous for two way traffic and, to make matters worse, there is now a gash down the center of Thomas Road.

"You can see over there by the edges you can see all the potholes that were there and they never fixed it. They just put some chapapote and that's it."

The chapapote Luis is referring to is a type of asphalt made in Mexico. We don't know for sure if that's what is being used to patch up Thomas Road, but it is clear that the city has had to repair the potholes over and over again and to no avail. The potholes keep coming back sinking portions of the road.

"You have to drive on the other side and sometimes you almost get hit by another car."

We were unable to contact Pharr city leaders during regular business hours Monday.

We will try them on Tuesday to find out if they have a plan for Thomas Road.

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