Pothole Patrol " County Road 408 outside San Benito

A video post on the Action 4 News Facebook page for the Pothole Patrol was the inspiration behind this week's episode.It took us to County Road 408 outside San Benito.It's atrocious to say the very least.Danger lurks at every spin of the tire and people who live in the area have learned to make their way around the monstrous holes on both sides of the road.It's apparently one of only 2 ways in and out of a small subdivision and with a school located a few blocks away, busses have to take the other road to get kids to and from home.For those who dare venture down what is supposed to be a short cut, they end up driving at a snail TMs pace and weaving from one side of 408 to the other.Any low lying vehicle could not make it through unscathed.Cynthia Cardoza and her mother drive through there every day and say it's always been that bad and gets even worse when it rains."I've never seen anyone fix it."The Pothole Pumps are a whopping 6 inches tall but next to those pothole are like twigs getting thrown into a fiery pit and stand no chance at all.We even placed several large bags filled with camera equipment and cosmetics inside the hole, and there was still ample room.Multiply that by about 15 and you have a road that, had it not been an essential passage for residents in the area, should have been closed to traffic long ago, that is, unless someone can remedy the pothole problem.We got an immediate response from Cameron County Commissioner Dan Sanchez who says unfortunately 408 does not belong to the county.The road was dedicated by a private owner which means the public can use it, but only the owner can maintain it.If the county were to take custody of the road, there is still not enough right of ways to warrant paving nor is there money budgeted at this time.Sanchez says he'll meet with the Pothole Patrol to further explain and possibly search for a solution for residents.
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