Pothole Patrol: Bumpy Apartment Parking Lot

A Call 4 Action in Harlingen from a tenant at La Casita Apartments off 77 Sunshine Strip.

A complex filled with families and unfortunately just as many potholes in the parking area. The back alley is actually in much better shape than the apartment parking lot, and in one small section, the Pothole Patrol was able to count at least 40 holes at 3 to 4 inches deep. Too dangerous to walk through, we took the pumps into our vehicle to put the potholes to the driving test and at even just a crawl, they failed...miserably. It's no wonder people who live here are fed up with the bumpy path to and from their front doors. We put a call in to the manager of La Casita Apartments who had some good news to report to the Pothole Patrol, the holes will be filled at the end of this week. The manager says there are plans to repave the entire parking lot, but so far, the estimates they've received for the work are above their budget. For now, they will fix the immediate pothole problems and work on providing a new smooth drive for their residents in the future.