Pothole Patrol: Business 77 in Raymondville

Every week, Action 4 News receives several requests for assistance on our Pothole Patrol page on VALLEYCENTRAL.COM

One Action 4 News viewer writes, "For years this street has had major potholes."

A short email sends the Pothole Patrol to East San Francisco Street in Raymondville and the proof is in the pavement.

Entering the street from Business 77 may shock you if you've never driven through here before.

Most of the traffic on this day consists of residents who live in the area who know what lies ahead, so they slow down to avoid permanent damage to their vehicles.

With temperatures near 100 degrees, the Pothole Pumps are steaming as we walk down San Francisco Street, but the heat is nothing compared to the treacherous terrain that lies below.

Potholes here are so prominent that getting across the street on foot could end badly.

The Pothole Pumps stand the test of tripping and measure several holes at 3 to 4 inches deep.

That's more than enough to Call 4 Action from Raymondville's Public Works Department.

They tell us they will be out to patch up San Francisco Street early Tuesday morning.