Pothole Patrol: Eva Road in Elsa

It is a problem residents down Eva Road in Elsa have dealt with since Hurricane Dolly.It TMs annoying when it rains, said Javier Carranco. When you go through these potholes they get bigger.Javier said to avoid these potholes people travel off the road and into people TMs yard.They tend to go with the pothole and it TMs understandable, said Carranco. They don TMt want to damage their vehicles. It TMs causing a safety hazard for the houses as well as the children.Residents say it is time to get the problem fixed.I want my street back, said Arturo Rodriguez. I want to see my street nice and flesh. I don TMt want to see dirt or potholes.We took these concerns to Commissioner Sylvia Handy.Her officer told Action 4 News that they would send a truck out to Eva Road Tuesday morning to fill in the holes.They say there are no long-term plans to repave the road because there are over 300 miles of unpaved roads in the precinct that need to be paved.