Pothole Patrol: Loma Linda Circle Gets Attention

Every time Jim Villarreal leaves his home on Loma Linda Circle, he has to deal with bump after bump. "It's ridiculous and you feel the bumps and that's not good," said Villarreal. "It's an embarrassment to our neighborhood and our county." Jim said he see's construction going on all around him--but does not see it on his street. "I would like to see that the county start showing that my tax dollars are being put to work," said Villarreal. "I don't want to see my neighborhood continued to be ignored." Potholes are not the only problem/

Jim said there is a huge dip that causes quite a mess when it rains. "It becomes a small little lake and cars will avoid it," said Villarreal. "It's something that has been going on for ten years and I think it's time for our commissioner to stand up and do something about it." Fortunately, for Jim, there will soon be construction on this street. After we spoke to Jim--we contacted Commissioner Joe Flores. He told Action 4 News that there are plans to repave the road as soon as construction on a new bridge is complete. He said, because of the bridge, some larger vehicles use Loma Linda Circle and they want to make sure that does not happen once the new road is put in.