Pothole Patrol: Old La Blanca Road

Maria Torres and her family live off Old La Blanca Road just outside of Donna and with summer break in full swing, her kids are soaking up the sun.

"They keep growing and growing, she said.

Yes, the children are getting bigger, but Maria is referring to the potholes on Old La Blanca Road.

"They try to cover them, but they come back very quickly, Torres said.

The evidence is all right there.

Patchwork and open craters that cause chaos during the school year.

"Traveling to school that's just about a block from here makes it difficult, Torres said. The drive is just about 2 minutes, but really you take longer because you're trying to avoid the potholes."

The Pothole Patrol gets down to business measuring holes that are at least 5 inches deep and the width of some of them will surely swallow a tire.

We found one that took more than the Pothole Pumps to measure accurately.

Four kids jumped in one with the Pothole Patrol and still had room for one more person.

With one of those babies every few feet, drivers have to decide between putting their tires through the ringer or driving in the wrong lane.

"To avoid damage to the vehicles, you try to avoid the potholes and sometimes you even have to stop to allow the other car to pass," Torres said.

Don't forget about those school buses bringing the kids to and from the nearby elementary.

If that's not enough to make any mother make a Call 4 Action, add speeders to the mix.

"Even though there are potholes, they do drive a little fast and it's a problem, Torres said.

Maintain your speed on Old La Blanca Road and the Pothole Patrol will take of the other rest.