Pothole Patrol: Santa Rosa potholes causing concern

There are a little more than 3,000 people living in the city of Santa Rosa, less than 20 of those live on Jesus Cruz Street which is plagued by more than 150 potholes.

"I have to go around the block in order to get home." Danni Salce has been fussing over the holes on for years, but says her complaints have fallen on deaf ears that is until she thought of contacting the Pothole Patrol.

"I've seen the series before and I've seen that whenever you guys come out here, for the most part, roads get fixed and you guys make sure it does." We brought out the 5 inch pumps and although it's tricky to take even a few steps on this street, we were able to step inside some potholes which swallow these heels nearly whole. It's no surprise to Danni and her kids who have to brace themselves each time they go to and from their home.

"We sometimes have to drive on the side on the grass, the ditch, to try to get across." Getting her point across won't be difficult now that the Pothole Patrol is on the case.

"I would like the city or someone to come out here and fix these potholes because it's really annoying to try to get through this street, it's really annoying." The annoying potholes will be taken care of after a call to the mayor and other Santa Rosa city officials. They tell the Pothole Patrol they'll fill each hole with a cold mix of asphalt and in about a month should have the grant money to repave the street so that Danni and her neighbors can get back to enjoying family time instead of stressing over the condition of their street.