Pothole Patrol: Westgate Drive Potholes

Tanya Ennis didn't think much of a dark path on Westgate Drive between Mile 9 and Mile 10 north of Weslaco until she drove through it.

Tanya explains, "I was driving out here to drop somebody off. It was very dark and the pothole is covered in water so I couldn't see it."

Oh yes, she said water. Even though the valley hasn't seen much of it, this section of Westgate has which may be the reason for the pothole.

Before exploring that issue further, Tanya tells us what happened next.

"I hit it," she says, "I blew two tires, cracked two rims and ended up stranded out here for two hours waiting for someone to bring me tires so I could get home."

If a pothole leaving her stranded wasn't enough to make Tanya see red, the estimate on the new tires she will need really sent her spinning.

$1,600 is what she needs to pay for brand new tires since the ones she drove through the pothole are ruined.

We use a stick to measure the pothole since it TMs filled with water and the water line on it shows the depth to be more than 4 inches|

Tanya wants the Pothole Patrol to get this hole fixed so that other drivers won TMt suffer the same fate and be left without a way to get around.

Tanya says, I TMm going to have to wait and save up money to replace them.

Here's what Action 4 News found out about that pothole on Westgate.

According to county commissioner AC Cuellar, there is water leaking from the nearby canal which means the water district is responsible for what that leak is doing to the roadway.

Cuellar says the county has repeatedly had to fill the hole, but with the water there, it's always going to open up again.

All parties involved know about the issue and we will wait to see what will be done about it

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