Pothole Patrol: Whalen Rd in Alamo

Whalen Road is a seemingly smooth road at first glance. Then.... "Bang! There goes your front end," said resident Harry Rowe. "Once it rains, the potholes get worse," said resident Jose Anotonio Escobedo. It is not just year round residents who feel the harsh hits of these many potholes. Winter Texans, Donna and Harry Rowe said they have stayed in Bit-O-Heaven RV park for 8 years. They said, in that time, they have watched Whalen road deteriorate. I asked Harry if the holes had always been there?

He said, "Not like it has been this year. It has been a problem down towards the end by was quite bad at one time...but then they came and fixed it." But with the potholes back--everyone would agree they would like to see the road fixed to stop unnecessary safety hazards. "We have to dodge the potholes or it will wreck our vehicle," said Donna Rowe. "We have to watch out for cars coming at us because they would move on the same side of the someone has to move over." One resident said a smooth road might create other problems they do not currently see. "If we have a smooth road they will probably start drag racing down here," said Escobedo.