POTHOLE PATROL Wilcox Road Gets Fixed

Remember Vernon McNabb? He TMs not easy to forget.

"It's a disgrace," McNabb said about potholes on Wilcox Road just outside Primera. It TMs horrible.

He and his neighbors turned to the Pothole Patrol back in May.

They said they had exhausted all their resources getting potholes on their portion of Wilcox Road fixed.

That was until the Pothole Patrol stepped in and tried to figure out who was in charge of the part of the road filled with potholes, Cameron County or the City of Primera.

After a call to the office of Cameron County Commissioner for Precinct 4, the street has been completely repaved.

It TMs not the first for the Pothole Patrol, but Vernon's reaction sure caught us off guard.

Off camera, he gave the Pothole Patrol a huge hug for getting it done.

"I didn TMt call you out here the first time, but you found it somehow and we are proud that it happened," he said. "It was needed."

Vernon even let the county park their vehicles on his property while they repaved the road out front.

He's become a celebrity on Wilcox Road after talking to the Pothole Patrol in May.

Pleased drivers now honk and wave and Vernon says they sometimes give him a big thumbs up.

McNabb having the Pothole Patrol on the case after years of neglect made Wilcox Road what it is today.

Everyone is tickled to death," McNabb said.