Potholes hamper Winter Texans fun

A group of more than 50 RV park residents in Pharr gathered to show their discontent with a road full of potholes.

The close-knit community at Texas Trails RV Resort in Pharr mainly uses golf carts as a mode of transportation.

But these Winter Texans don TMt dare drive on the road outside their park.

No, no, I wouldn TMt get on the main road, resident Ronnie Reeves said. The holes would damage my golf cart.

Potholes on Owassa road are a point of frustration for residents.

Many have experienced damage to their cars from running over the holes.

To keep from hitting somebody, I hit the pothole and blew a brand new tire, resident Carolyn Fults said.

The holes have also put a bump in the road in their social lives.

"Our (attendance at) Friday night dances are down because people can TMt' get in, the roads are terrible," Reeves said.

Many Winter Texans choose to make the park their permanent home.

They pay taxes and vote in local elections and have been very vocal about their pothole concern.

Owassa road sits on the border of Pharr and Edinburg.

Residents have contacted both cities but neither had taken responsibility for permanently repairing the damaged road.

They say over a ten year span of complaints, nothing TMs changed.

"Every election they are going to fix it, and nobody ever does," Reeves said.

Residents believe it will take a serious accident for officials to finally fix the holes.

"Edinburg, Pharr or the county is going to have a lawsuit for millions of dollars because people are dodging these pot holes out here are going to run together," Reeves said.

Residents want to avoid a deadly accident and plan to continue fighting for an evenly paved road.

"The squeaky wheel gets the oil, resident Wanda Bell said. If enough of us call, see we got Channel 4 to come."