Potholes plague neighbors on Weslaco street

Due to the heavy rains we have seen the past couple of weeks, pot holes are a becoming more of a problem across the Rio Grande Valley, making one Weslaco street nearly impossible to drive through.

For someone who is physically disabled traveling can be a bit of a challenge, traveling on a road full of pot holes can be downright unbearable.

These conditions are what those who live in the apartments on the 700 block of Sugar Cane Drive in Weslaco have to deal with every time it rains.

Reynaldo Vento plows through it multiple times a week to visit his elderly parents with his wife Veronica Cardenas who has a broken leg.

"The whole pot whole scenario, it TMs just painful for her every time I hit something, Vento said. I try to avoid it by snaking around. You can TMt even drive on the right side of the road."

Unless you have a truck, if you drive through the water, chances are your car may flood.

"We had to start going out this way because when it was raining the water level was too high so we had water starting to go inside the vehicle," Vento said.

The pot holes have grown so large and so wide, vehicles either have to drive on the mud and grass to go around them or drive around the entire block.

Roseann Perez has lived in the apartment her whole life and says it has always been a problem.

The city has tried to temporarily fix it but the pot holes always come back.

"They come and put up dirt in all these holes and think that is going to make it better, it just makes it worse, Perez said.

With a number of elderly and disabled residents, they are turning to Action 4 News for help.

"There are people who are disabled, there are ambulances that have to be passing by here and this is what they have to go through, its pretty bad, Perez said.

"We need a new street, its small and constantly gets damaged," resident Merari Trevino said.

The Weslaco public facilities department tells Action 4 News as soon as the rain lets up they will be filling the pot holes.

But when the heavy rains return, it TMs likely the pot holes will as well.

The Weslaco city manager was not available for comment Friday but his office said they are aware of the problem and are exploring ways on how to permanently fix it.