Power failure postpones Border Patrol testimony for fatal wreck

It's been nearly six months since a 15-year-old Hidalgo boy was taken into custody for killing nine illegal immigrants during a chase.

The teen suspect alleges that Border Patrol agents hit his car causing the fatal April accident.

Prosecutors in juvenile court dismissed agents at the center of the investigation on Tuesday.

The Border Patrol agents were back in court on Wednesday but the power went out.

Judge Jesse Contreras made sure to hear all status hearings despite the dark courtroom.

But when it came to the bigger cases, he decided to push them back to Thursday afternoon.

Both Border Patrol agents at the center of this investigation appeared before the judge.

Prosecutors asked that we blur their faces because of the nature of the case.

A witness stated on Tuesday that the agents were the ones at fault saying he saw the agents bump the teen suspect TMs van.

The Border Patrol agents will be back in court on Thursday.

A pre-trial date for the teen who suspect is set for November 1st in the 449th State District Court.