Praying for immigration reform

Heartache filled their stories.

Thursday, men and women told members of different religions the troubles of being an illegal immigrant.

Please help us, cried one illegal immigrant.

Her plea was one of several made at the 2nd Annual Interfaith Convocation on Immigration Reform.

Illegal immigrants said their reasons for breaking the law stem from a need to escape violence and poverty in their native countries.

Several churches accept these reasons.

At the First United Methodist Church in McAllen, members of Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist, Episcopal and Presbyterian churches prayed for immigration reform.

They taught about how it can be achieved.

One woman told Action 4 News she attended for the sake of her oldest son.

She said he's an illegal immigrant and about to graduate high school in the US.

She wanted to know if he can get any help with citizenship because he's a student.

UTPA President Dr. Robert Nelsen said he believes students deserve more rights.

Those kids don TMt have a future, unless we pass the DREAM Act, not unless we do the right thing, said Nelsen. They came over here with their parents. It was not their choice. They TMre some of the brightest, best students I have.

Some statistics state illegal immigration cost US taxpayers $113 billion in 2010.

Church leaders contest it's not about the cost but about the human left with little choice but to try and make it in the US.

Churches across the Valley are offering classes to answer any questions one may have about immigration.

To find out where you can attend call Valley Interfaith at 956-968-3900.